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Poppy's strives to up-end the grocery world by mutually empowering farmers, food makers, and consumers to build a food system on their own terms.  



Food from here, grown by friends

Everything we sell mutually empowers our growers and customers, connecting our community to real food from real people.



Low-waste & responsibly sourced products

Because, frankly, we’ve had it with all that plastic! We offer a selection of high quality pantry staples and dry goods — all in packaging that’s reusable and returnable, not just recyclable.



We keep farmers farming

Commercial partnerships and retail models need to work for our farmers, too. Our innovative economic model offers farmers the opportunity to build an equity stake in our shop over time.



We connect community

Through every action, we seek to positively impact our community with good work, good food, and good times.


Welcome to Poppy’s.