Jen's Picks 10.6

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As a woman owned business, I take special joy in working with other female entrepreneurs who put it all on the line as they follow their dream.

  1. Ploughgate Butter The best butter in the world. We took a short trip up to Vermont to celebrate our anniversary and ate tacos, took naps and hikes and enjoyed nature's Fall showy-ness. On our way home, we stopped by Ploughgate Farms in Fayston, Vermont to pick up the world's best hand made, cultured butter. Every block is hand formed and packed by founder and powerhouse woman farmer/entrepreneur Marisa. This butter will change your life. Only here for a limited time, snag one before they are all gone.

  2. Stinky Girl deodorant. I met Carly many years ago at a speed consulting event in Philadelphia. (did you know about our other business helping food and farm businesses thrive, Kitchen Table Consultants?) She was making kraut in the kitchen basement of my high school and wanted to learn more about bookkeeping, business planning and just making it work. She has two successful lines that you will see in the store: Food and Ferments, and Stinky Girl Beauty Co. Now based back in Upstate New York, Carly will be swinging by with a restock this weekend of her products, including my favorite glass jar deodorant and new to the store, dry shampoo. Free of harsh chemicals and hand made with high quality ingredients, my favorite scent is juniper and sage.

  3. Crumb Cake from Factory Girl. Perfect for a brunch potluck, or an easy weekend breakfast. Now available as a quick grab and go in the bakery section! Kimberly's dedicated, passionate and fierce! After following her for some time on social media, and getting a chance to visit her perfect little bakeshop, I could not wait to collaborate. Featured in at our snack bar (those pop tarts...) and now in bakery, these are a go-to for all the locals.

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