Blooming Glen Farm

Upper Bucks County, PA


“Blooming Glen Farm is thrilled to work with Poppy’s Greengrocer, an experienced partner in the industry who understands and values seasonality – who is willing to carry and highlight products when they at their peak flavor and quality.

We look forward to having an extremely local partner not just for ease of delivery but also to strengthen that dialogue between our farm and our consumers. Poppy’s is in our food shed – their customers are our customers. Poppy’s will be able to focus on retailing our product to both our established customers in that area, as well as reaching new ones, which leaves us to be able to focus on what we do best: growing.

Poppy’s profit-sharing model is unique and demonstrates that they value their growers. Their seriousness about having a strong relationship with ongoing open dialogue will in turn strengthen our farm, enabling us to better plan and weather each growing season.”

– Tom Murtha & Tricia Borneman
Farmers & Owners of Blooming Glen Farm


How Blooming Glen Farm & Poppy’s work together: