Christa Vigilante

General Manager


A lifelong Bucks County, PA resident, Christa has resided in the New Hope community for all of her adult life. One of four children and countless grandchildren in a large, Philadelphian, Italian-American family, food, all-day meal preparation and its power to gather people together has been a constant driving force in Christa’s life and career. Christa attended Goddard College in Plainfield, VT, where she studied creatively, but embarked on a lifelong learning of all things culinary through her work with the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier. 

Growing a thriving career in the hospitality industry, Christa has worked in management positions for Panera Bread, Genji, and the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group. Christa is excited to share the knowledge she has garnered working for industry leaders with her team and partners every day. She is passionate about supporting community businesses, growers, and food service personnel.

A avid lover of planning the next meal while eating the current one, Christa can be found using her free time to try new restaurants, cook at home, eat lots of snacks or identify the missing ingredient that makes a dish perfect. She is mother of a bright, independent daughter, a stepmother of two kind, intelligent young men, and wife to a gifted carpenter/musician. When Christa isn’t thinking about food, she can be found exploring with her family our National Parks and traveling to as many worldwide destinations as time and money will allow.