Our Farmer Owners

Our innovative economic model offers farmers the opportunity to build an equity stake in our shop over time. These farms have joined Poppy’s to create strong, long-term equity partnerships in order to consistently serve our community with the highest quality real local food. Learn more about how our Farmer Ownership Program works below.



Blooming Glen Farm

Upper Bucks County, PA

“Blooming Glen Farm is thrilled to work with Poppy’s Greengrocer, an experienced partner in the industry who understands and values seasonality.”



How Our Farmer Ownership Program Works

Our Farmer Ownership Program enables the farmer and the retailer (that’s us!) to work together in a new way to strengthen the food system, encourage economic independence and entrepreneurship, develop a resilient food shed, and create local jobs.

Our goals:

1) Develop strong, long-term equity partnerships with local farms in order to consistently serve the community with the highest quality real local food.  We want to give these suppliers the opportunity to share in Poppy’s profits.

2) Provide a meaningful retail outlet to small farmers where they can sell a significant amount of their products in partnership with us, a local retailer who deeply values and respects the role of the farmer.

3) Give local farmer partners a strong sense of ownership in a retail business that’s providing real value for them, not only financially, but by offering a broad range of benefits. For example, farmers have the opportunity to sell their products as if they were selling at their own farm market, but without the retail risk and overhead costs.

We promise:

Poppy’s promises to support our Farmer Owners by always paying on time, providing the opportunity to earn dividends and own stock, and prioritizing their products in store layout, signage, and marketing.  We also collaborate with our Farmer Owners on calculating market demand and product supply, so they can better plan for production.

Our Farmer Owners also receive support in business planning, the option to participate in quarterly business planning sessions with other Farmer Owners, and to be part of a support peer group that reviews each farm’s operating metrics and supports their advancement towards their goals.

We ask:

In return, Poppy’s asks our Farmer Owners for preferred pricing and to be at the top of their list for the best products and availability of those products so that we can serve our customers the highest quality local food.



We’re operating by a new model that works for everyone – you, our region’s farmers, our local economies, and Poppy’s. To learn about becoming one of Poppy’s Farmer Owners, please contact us.