Ted LeBow

Co-Owner & CFO

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Ted LeBow is a serial entrepreneur. His first business venture (in 1980) was a farm in Idaho where he bought his first tractor, signed his first loan with the Production Credit Association and started waking up in the middle of the night worrying about the rain ruining his hay crop.

He graduated in 1989 from Cornell University School of Agriculture with a Business Management Degree. He’s run eleven small businesses, six of which he owned all or part of. Since 2008, he’s grown two small business management consulting firms.

Ted’s two passions are financial sustainability and growing entrepreneurs and their teams. He is driven to help entrepreneurs to understand HOW they make a profit, not how much profit they make. He has worked with hundreds of small business owners, all over the country, creating and helping them execute against their financial goals. He regularly presents seminars around cash flow, profitability and how to know if you’re profitable.

As of 2017, JRI Consulting and Kitchen Table Consultants have served over 200 small businesses. Ted is currently focused on building Kitchen Table Consultants (which he co-founded) – a practice that serves sustainable food and farm related companies. He and his team are an Entrepreneur’s Best Nightmare.

Ted was also the Interim Executive Director for The Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture, a non-profit focused on promoting profitable farms that produce healthy food for all people while respecting the natural environment, has sat on multiple non-profit Boards of Directors, and has helped entrepreneurs and non-profits raise over $60 million in debt, equity, and donations.

Ted has lived in Bala Cynwyd, just west of Philadelphia, since 1997. In his spare time, he shares a fleet of 1950’s era tractors and equipment with Philadelphia urban farms, cuts and mills his own lumber for live-edge furniture, fly fishes, builds bamboo fly rods, and participates along with his wife in the lives of his three daughters (18, 22, 24).