Our Promises

Poppy’s strives to up-end the grocery world by mutually empowering farmers, food makers, and consumers to build a food system on their own terms.  



Food from here, grown by friends

Poppy’s selects the freshest, cleanest, and most responsibly grown ingredients available—from local farmers and food makers.

Everything we sell mutually empowers our growers and customers, connecting our community to real food from real people.

To be able to eat based on the seasons, enjoying food that’s that fresh and grown for taste and nutritional value — and not for shelf-life — is both a simple, genuine pleasure and a rich, nourishing experience.

If it’s in season locally, we have it in the store, and you’ll know exactly where it was grown.

That’s what Poppy’s is all about.



Low-waste & responsibly sourced products

Because, frankly, we’ve had it with all that plastic! Poppy’s offers a curated selection of high quality pantry staples and dry goods — all in packaging that’s reusable and returnable — not just recyclable.

Plastic is a problem, and recycling is not the solution. That’s why our pantry is dedicated to responsibly sourced products in reusable packaging that’s convenient to return and repurpose. Our shelves are stocked with products we believe in — clean, real, whole foods that are sourced ethically. To learn more about our suppliers and sourcing filters, click here.

Poppy’s is also a judgement-free zone. We forget our reusable grocery bags and containers too. We stock canvas bags and quality jars you can swap with a small deposit. Bring them back next time…or keep them!

Responsibly-sourced products, low-waste returnable containers, manageable bulk sizes, and great prices.

Feels pretty good, right?



We keep farmers farming

To keep good food coming from our fields, we’re dedicated to the economic empowerment of our farmers.

Commercial partnerships and retail models need to work for our farmers, too. Poppy’s is committed to this ideal, and we back this up in practice.

Our innovative economic model offers farmers the opportunity to build an equity stake in our shop over time. This empowers the farmer and the retailer to work together in new ways that strengthen the food system, economic independence, entrepreneurship, a resilient food shed, and local job creation.

We’re operating by a new model that works for everyone.



We connect our community

You’re looking for a different way to shop and you believe your choices make a difference. Communities make a difference. How we chose to vote with our dollar makes a difference. We believe the same thing.

Poppy’s is for everybody who’s tired of shopping at impersonal, big-box grocery stores. Who wants to reconnect with food. Who doesn’t want to read labels. Who wants to support family and community, not a corporation.

That’s why Poppy’s is a small-format shop. Our selection is highly curated, pared down to only the highest quality, cleanest, seasonal food we believe in, that’s grown by our friends.

We’re small but mighty.

That’s how we serve you and our community best.



...And Oh Yeah, We Deliver!

Whether you’re a local or a Rivertown Weekender who wants to stock your kitchen fast, Poppy’s provides the freshest local food and highest quality, low-waste products by delivery.